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Muslin baby wipes

249 kr
Muslin baby wipes
Muslin baby wipes

Muslin baby wipes

A set of three organic muslin washcloths dyed with natural colors by hand in Sweden.

There are endless ways to use a washcloth. We use it with water and our body oil to gently clean the face, hands or when changing nappies. They are a life saver in the diaper bag and a staple in both the bathroom and kitchen for use after meals. 

Our fabric comes in a pack of 3 with different colors and patterns so they are easy to separate from siblings or area of ​​use. The soft fabric is gentle on the skin and there is a small loop to hang it as a decoration while drying for the next use.

Please note that when dyeing with colors from nature, the products become as wild and vibrant as the dye materials, meaning that the shades will shift with each batch. Store away from direct sunlight and wash at 40°C.

Size 30x30 cm

249 kr
Tax included.

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