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Our Ingredients

The ingredients in our products are always 100% natural and biologically degradable.

We do not allow for any synthetic ingredients nor any ingredients with questionable effects and we always choose organic or wild harvested whenever it is possible.


Each ingredient is there for a purpose.

They are all selected to be pure and gentle, yet still with the high quality and functionality to be suitable for all ages of precious bodies – newborn to centenarian!


Famous for having been used by queen Cleopatra, shea butter is still a common skin emollient in Africa and traditionally used from birth. Its antioxidant and bioactive plant compounds make shea butter both protective, softening and hydrating.



Simultaneously mood lifting and relaxing, essential oil of lavender can be used to soothe the nervous system and improve sleep. 

Consisting of 98% pure waxes Jojoba oil is rather a liquid wax than an oil. The bioidentical fatty acid in jojoba balances the sebum production and the ceramides repair and hydrate by minimizing trans epidermal water loss.  


The sweet and comforting scent of natural vanilla oil is used for its calming effect. It is traditionally used to help with anxiety, sleep problems, anger and low mood. 


The wide spectrum of vitamin E makes sunflower seed oil a great choice for eczema prone skin. Due to the specific composition of fatty acids it acts to preserve the integrity and homeostasis of the skin barrier.


Calendula oil is infused with the fat soluble nutrients of the Marigold flower. The natural chemicals in the flower have calming and wound healing properties and is a traditional ointment for diaper rash. 


A deep orange color is characteristic for rose hip oil. Loaded with antioxidants and vitamin C, it easily penetrates the skin and works on a deeper level to restore and repair.



Ancient civilizations knew about the potent anti-inflammatory properties of castor oil. It has since been used as an ointment on inflamed areas and for healing wounds. It is detoxifying and has the ability to pull out impurities from the pores - a perfect oil for cleansing.  


Apricot kernel oil is a mild, softening and moisture binding oil. Due to the high content of omega 6 and 9 it is great at protecting the skin barrier. 


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