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Our thoughts on the sun & skin

  The sun used to be a sacred celestial body, worshipped and prayed to honor the life-giving properties it had on the earth. Today our feelings towards the sun are much more complex. When modern ...

How to cleanse without disrupting the skin flora

How often to shower or bathe is an individual preference. Some do it every day or even twice a day while others make it a more scarce ritual. The definition of clean has earlier been synonymous w...

A little about the skin microbiome..

We are thrilled that the interest in the human microbiome has exploded! Although we are passionate about this topic, we don't take for granted that this is what you chose to dig deep...

The Vernix

The Vernix Caseosa - the impressive Latin name for what actually means "cheesy coating". The cheesy coating referred to is the white waxy layer that is covering a newborn baby. The ve...

Why use oil instead of soap to cleanse?

You may have noticed our obsession with oils. Using oils to moisturize is common practice. Yet using it as a cleanser is not as well established. While some of you are already experienced oil c...

Our No-No list

At Betiyon we only use ingredients of natural origin. However, not all ingredients from nature are necessarily good for you. We only use safe ingredients and do not only avoid those that have b...

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