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Our concept of creating baby products that suit the whole family originates from a simple way of life. It is a way to minimize the amount of packaging and transport of products per family.

We keep the production in Sweden to minimize the distance and number of transports of products. We produce and will always produce in small batches to avoid product being wasted.

Our ingredients are always 100% natural and biodegradable, when possible also organic and wild harvested.

The materials we use are natural, sustainable and recyclable. As plastic is a non-renewable source and can only be recycled a certain number of times, we avoid it at all costs. The only exception we make is for the lotion pump on our glass bottles, as it is not available in any other material.

We see it as our responsibility to always choose what is best for the planet and constantly try to be updated on new innovative ways to be as gentle as possible to our nature. Never hesitate to get in touch - we are always open to suggestions and collaborations!

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