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Our products are designed to work in balance with both the body and the planet.

They are manufactured in small batches by hand in Sweden.

The gentle production ensures that the beneficial fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants are preserved and active to do their job on the skin.


Products on the market that claim to be of natural origin are usually about 97% natural. The last percent are often synthetic preservatives.

At Betiyon we do not allow synthetic additives for three reasons.

Firstly, because most synthetic substances are not biodegradable in nature.

Second, because several of these synthetic ingredients are associated with physical imbalances.

Finally, because synthetic additives often affect our precious skin microbiome.


The reason we advocate using oil instead of soap is to support the natural balance of the skin's outermost layer - the skin barrier

A healthy skin barrier protects against external pathogens, inflammation, eczema, dryness and itching. It helps bind water in the skin and keep the skin's pH value slightly acidic - where it can do its job and protect us in the best way.

Soap removes the skin's protective lipids, sebum and microbes from the skin. With frequent use, this can usually be seen as dry skin, eczema or fungal infections of the skin.

Taking care of the skin barrier is important for all ages and at all times.

But a baby's skin is not yet fully developed and needs extra support. Therefore, we believe that it is of great value to support the skin barrier from birth and throughout life.


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