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Ways to use our microbiome friendly body oil

  We receive a lot of questions about how to use our body oil. Can adults use it? Can I apply it to my hair? Is it hypoallergenic? Can I use it on intimate areas? The answer is YES to all of the ...

Betiyon’s Microbiome Boosting Smoothie

Since eating vegetables and fruit is the superior way to feed the microbiome, we try to find ways around nagging about eating the greens at the dinner table. Smoothies are a great place to hide all...

We are microbiome friendly certified!

Most of you already know how much we care about the microbiome. Our products are carefully composed to balance our skin flora. However we just got this on paper!! A lab in Germany (the first one in...

Things we like - SUMMER

  Summer is here and we wanted to share our best summer pics with you!      1. A sun hat is a must for the summer! This striped one from Misha and Puff is perfect for your little one.   2. For ma...

Our thoughts on the sun & skin

  The sun used to be a sacred celestial body, worshipped and prayed to honor the life-giving properties it had on the earth. Today our feelings towards the sun are much more complex. When modern ...

How to cleanse without disrupting the skin flora

  How often to shower or bathe is an individual preference. Some do it every day or even twice a day while others make it a more scarce ritual. The definition of clean has earlier been synonymous w...

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