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Things we like - Stocking fillers

The Christmas stocking might be one of the most magical childhood memories.. Preparing this for our children is so much fun so we wanted to share a few of our favourite stocking fillers this ye...

Den perfekta presenten (enligt oss :)

Stora gåvosetet hittar du här & det lilla gåvosetet hittar du här   Vi är så glada att äntligen få dela vårt nya gåvoset med er! Det är många som har hört av sig angående presentboxarn...

An interview with doula Katrine Johansen about mother-baby skin-to-skin contact

Katrine Johansen is a doula studying to become a midwife. She lives in Aarhus, Denmark, with her partner Mirko, her seven year old Gaya and one year old Kai. We got the opportunity to talk to h...

Things we like - Baby

  We collected a few of our favorite baby things at the moment that we wanted to share with you! Perfect for the baby's first autumn :)   The most beautiful hand dyed bear from Polka dot clu...

An in-depth interview with Dr. Kristin Neumann about the skin microbiome

      Kristin Neumann holds a PhD in Microbiology, specializing in molecular biology and antibacterial enzymes, with a specific focus on the microbiome. She is the CEO and Co-Founder of MyMicrobio...

Ways to use our microbiome friendly body oil

  We receive a lot of questions about how to use our body oil. Can adults use it? Can I apply it to my hair? Is it hypoallergenic? Can I use it on intimate areas? The answer is YES to all of the ...

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