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Our story

Betiyon makes functional and 100% natural skincare for babies and families. With passion for health, Betiyon turns to the basic practices to create well being and simple living to minimize our imprint on the earth. 

The mission is to make sustainable and clean skincare the natural choice for parents to give to their children. 

With a background in psychology, nutrition and yoga my interest in health and living in harmony with nature started early. When I had my first daughter, I never thought twice about giving her the same quality of skincare that I use myself - 100% natural, organic and microbiome friendly. 

In a time when the planet our children are growing up on is suffering and chemical substances are widely used in baby products, I found a natural place for my passion and knowledge. I started to make my own skincare formulations and it grew to what today is Betiyon. 

- Molly Nord, founder


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