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Our products

Our products are formulated to work in alignment with the body as well as the planet.

They are produced in small batches by hand in Sweden.

The gentle production ensures that beneficial fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants are preserved and active to do its job on the skin.


 Products on the market claiming to be of natural origin are usually natural to around 97%. The last percentages are commonly synthetic preservatives.

At Betiyon we do not allow for any synthetic additives for three reasons.

 Firstly, because most synthetic substances are not are not easily biodegradable in nature. 

Secondly, due to that several of these synthetic ingredients have been associated with bodily imbalances.  

Lastly, since synthetic preservatives commonly interfere with our precious skin microbiome. 


 The reason we advocate using oil instead of soap to cleanse, is to support the natural balance of the skin barrier.

A healthy skin barrier protects from outside pathogens, inflammation, eczema, dryness and itchiness. It helps to lock water inside the body and keep the skin’s pH slightly acidic - where it can do its job protecting us at the best.  

Soap stripps the skin from its protective lipids, sebum and microbes. With frequent use you can usually see this as dry skin, eczemas or fungal skin infections.

Caring for the skin barrier is important for all ages at all times.

However, a baby’s skin is not yet fully developed and in need of extra support. Therefore, we believe it is of great value to support the skin barrier from birth and throughout life.


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