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You may have noticed our obsession with oils. Using oils to moisturize is common practice. Yet using it as a cleanser is not as well established. While some of you already are experienced oil cleansers, others may be a little more confused by this way of using oil. So, why do we choose oil before soap?


Firstly, by using a cleansing oil you won’t strip the skin from its protective layer of sebum. Sebum balances and makes the skin moist and less prone to dryness and all the problems that come with dry skin such as itching, eczemas, cracks and so on. When you stop using soap your skin will balance itself. Letting your skin do what it is supposed to do feels so good.


Secondly, we have the skin flora in mind. That is the large community of microorganisms living on the skin. Together with a whole and healthy skin barrier they form the first line of defense in our immune system. Letting your skin flora thrive will give you a stronger defense to outside pathogens.


And lastly, using natural organic oils makes it easy to avoid synthetic chemicals in your cleansing routine, being gentler on yours as well as the earth’s ecosystem.


Is pretty basic, dry skin being more susceptible to itching and dry cracks, which in turn makes it vulnerable to foreign bacteria. By using oil instead of soap to cleanse, your skin won’t be as dry, and the itching and the cracks will less likely appear in the first place. Would they appear you will probably have a larger and stronger army of good bacteria supporting the healing of the wound and fighting off pathogens.


In our cleansing oil we have selected oils with natural purifying qualities. The oils will gently dissolve any residuals of dirt leaving the skin clean, moist and healthy looking. The formula is made with the delicate skin of a baby in mind, yet it is perfect for anyone who wants to nourish the skin flora as well as a healthy appearance of the skin!




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