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Since eating vegetables and fruit is the superior way to feed the microbiome, we try to find ways around nagging about eating the greens at the dinner table. Smoothies are a great place to hide all kinds of healthy and strange ingredients.
This smoothie is a powerhouse of good bacterias, fibers and vitamins! The jerusalem artichoke (or the potato starch) are the best booster for your existing bacterias and the sauerkraut provides new live bacteria to your gut (don't be aversed by sauerkraut in smoothie, it gives it a lovely fresh and tangy flavor). 

Recipe 4 glasses:
1 banana 
4 dl frozen mango 
4 big pieces of frozen cauliflower
1 tbs sauerkraut
1 jerusalem artichoke (peeled) or 1 tbs potato starch 
Fresh ginger to taste
3 dl coconut milk
3 dl water

Blend in a high power blender for about 2 minutes or until completely smooth. Pour into glasses or refillable squeezies and enjoy! 

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