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We collected a few of our favorite baby things at the moment that we wanted to share with you! Perfect for the baby's first autumn :)


  1. The most beautiful hand dyed bear from Polka dot club
  2. Tiny mittens from Toasties to be found here
  3. Cherry teether from Oli & Carol
  4. The cutest bear hat from Bambolina.
  5. Striped and soft jumpsuit from Misha and Puff 
  6. Essential vitamin D from Mary Ruth’s 
  7. Baby bottle in glass and silicone from Life factory to be found here 
  8. Baby crib mobile with the cutest little friends in wool from Klippan 
  9. Warm slippers in 100% wool from Alwero - perfect for the winter 
  10. A magnificent swan cradle from Senger 
  11. Sleeping bag from Unaduna x Engel 
  12. Hand quilted play blanket from Whole 
  13. Reusable cotton diapers from Vimse.
  14. Organic baby formula from Swedish Unna.
  15. Pacifier in natural rubber from Hevea.
  16. A soft carrier shawl from Coracor, plant dyed by Nana Sacko. 
  17. The most stylish baby bouncer ever!  
  18. Garden of life probiotic for babies, if the tummy is struggling.. 
  19. Wool blanket from Disana. 


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