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The Christmas stocking might be one of the most magical childhood memories.. Preparing this for our children is so much fun so we wanted to share a few of our favourite stocking fillers this year :) 


  1. Crochet mushroom from MYUM for the smallest to play and bite on. 

  2. Spinning music box with little aliens from Wooderful Life 

  3. Handmade and unique dolls from wonderful  Watoto. You can also order one with you child's name or their specific birthmarks. 

  4. Rainbow kaleidoscope from Mader. 

  5. A little fairy who has many as mesmerizing friends from Fairies

  6. Christmassy snow globe from Danish Fabelab.

  7. Beautiful shiny marbles from Billies & Co. 

  8. A so versatile silk scarf for pretend play, dress-up or a secret hut from Sarahs silk. 

  9. So cute wooden robot from Beton Studios. 

  10. So nostalgic Barbapapa tattoos from Manucurist.

  11. Natural and water based nail polish that works even for the young ones from Piggy paint.

  12. Create your own little bugs with Stamp bugs.

  13. A Moomin notebook for colorful drawings or small secrets. 

  14. Magical soft silk sword for tiny adventurous knights.

Love and joy
Betiyon team 

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