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Most of you already know how much we care about the microbiome. Our products are carefully composed to balance our skin flora. However we just got this on paper!! A lab in Germany (the first one in the world that actually does this unbiased for skincare companies) has tested our body oil on both adult and infant skin for months in their lab to confirm that it is friendly for the skin microbiome. 

The reason we advocate microbiome friendly instead of the popular category “probiotic skincare” is due to that the research has only come so far that we are certain of the importance of the skin microbiome. However, we do not yet know what specific species of bacteria, viruses and fungi, in what constellations, amount and in what areas are the most beneficial. It might even be so that what is a beneficial constellation differs between individuals and maybe even with age? Therefore we avoid all types of probiotics in our skincare and let food, mud and bacteria from other people and animals be our dose of probiotic “skincare”. 

Microbiome friendly, means that the product does not bother the skin flora. It neither depletes them nor makes them flourish and grow. In the future we believe that probiotic skincare can make wonders for skin issues, but for now we need to wait until the right amount of knowledge has been collected to know how this is done safely. 

Therefore, we are so proud to finally be certified as microbiome friendly! 

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